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About Me

Kelly was incredibly responsive and also super efficient, which was important to me since I am a major overplanner.
She made everything perfectly seamless and was so helpful throughout the entire planning process.
– Amy and Dave

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As Principal Photographer at Kelly Ewell Photography, I could sound very official and tell you all about how I went to school for photography and the history of my accomplishments.

But when you hire a portrait or wedding photographer you’re not just buying into a skill or a style that you see on a website, you’re also buying that person – skills, style, personality, and all – as someone who will work with you to capture images during an important day or time of your life.

So let’s push stuffy aside and instead highlight who I am a little bit differently.

I know:            everything happens for a reason
I like:               a good Cosmopolitan, Bulgari perfume, Asiatic lilies
I love:              my husband, Saturdays, chocolate, with all my heart
I have:             lots of lists, closets organized by color, Richmond Spider pride
I laugh:            freely and with abandon
I think:             a lot
I splurge:         on raspberry merlot wine, Williams Sonoma Fleur de Sel soaps
I value:            honesty, hard work, a good mani/pedi
I crave:            Cheetos once every few years
I worked:         at NFL Films, at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, at a library
                         as my very first job when I was 14
I want:              to visit Paris, to catch up on all the TV shows in my DVR, unlimited spending at J.Crew and Crate & Barrel
I wish:               I wasn’t my own worst critic, I liked to cook, I wasn’t so ghostly pale, for more wishes
I dislike:           the smell of tuna, horror films, most things old or antique, how bad my penmanship has become
I always:           overanalyze, have a Thomas’ Lite Multi-Grain English Muffin for breakfast
I wonder:         what goes on in my dog’s head, what life holds for me, why people thought 80s hair was a good idea
I sing:               poorly but often
I am not:          a morning person, very competitive
I forget:            things rarely
I look:               before I leap, pretty put together on most days, forward to all the new introductions I still have to make
I am:                 me

If you’ve got an extra 2 minutes, check out this short video that explains a little more about why and how I do what I do!

If you can relate to any of this, let’s chat! Whether it’s lunch, coffee, email, Skype, or the old-fashioned phone call, let’s talk about what kind of photography experience we can create together.