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I love to shop. A lot. Now I don’t get to do it nearly as much as I’d like, but I find it especially hard to pass up a good deal or sale.

When it comes to Black Friday, well count me in! At least, when I’m on my own. I can remember braving the Black Friday crowds when I was home from college to see what kinds of things I could find. Nowadays, I’m usually celebrating Thanksgiving with one side of my family or another, and there’s less interest in exploring the craziness of Black Friday. And I get it. Because the older I get, the more I gravitate just towards searching for online deals. Plus I just like to sleep! And I really can’t imagine waking up before the sun comes up to join hundreds of other people on the same (often unsuccessful) mission.

Since I have my own business, I’m in a position to offer my own Black Friday deal, and I’m so excited to let everyone in on the fun! Actually, it’s double the fun with not one, but TWO different opportunities! From the time the clock ticks on the oh-so-very early hours of November 28 until the strike of midnight, you have 24 hours to sign up for either (or both) of the sales.

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Kelly Ewell Photography Black Friday Deal November 2014

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November wrapped up the craziness of my schedule, so while I’m not exactly enjoying downtime yet, I am enjoying the ability to simply breathe a little more. The urgency and stress of the fall season is easing up, and I finished my last long wedding of the year. I have a couple of shorter weddings still on the calendar in the coming weeks, but I will get to celebrate the holidays without feeling the burden of deadlines looming over me.

So with that, it’s time to pick my favorite image from the past month:


So why did I pick it? It was a no-brainer to me this month. This stunning photo of Tracey has stuck with me since the instant I snapped it and peeked at the back of my camera. She was simply gorgeous, so it was hard not to like any photo that she was in! We took a quick series of bridal portraits in her hotel suite as we were waiting for her dad to arrive. It was all natural light coming in from the big window to the left. I love the simplicity of the background, the simple colors, the elegance of Tracey and her accessories, and the calm peacefulness of this moment. It feels elegant and timeless, and I hope it’s an image that Tracey will treasure for years to come.

Did I make the right choice? Check out more of Tracey and David’s wedding, and in case you missed some of my recent sessions, here is a quick recap of my posts from the past month:

Engaged: Cathy and Chris
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First Anniversary: Amy and Dave
Portraits: Heather and Jeremy

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So the other weekend I got into my head that I wanted to switch up some of the decorations in the house. You know, take down what’s usually sitting around and bring in some of the season. Not Christmas, but Fall. Boy, was that a challenge! Clearing by deciding this in early November I was WAY behind on becoming festive because literally every craft store I went into had moved beyond halloween, even beyond fall and Thanksgiving. It was all Christmas, all the time, everywhere. If I found anything, it was relegated to being ugly and on clearance.

So I had to get creative and decide to create something myself. I looked to any creative person’s go-to source, Pinterest. With ideas in hand, I had to find the materials. Again, still a challenge when I had Santa and trees and jingle bells following me everywhere.

I’m happy to say though I pulled off a few new projects that are proudly on display around the house. Just in time for the invasion of the 16 of us we’ll be hosting come Thanksgiving!


I posted a few Instagram shots as I was making these, so be sure to follow me there at @kellyewell for the sneak peeks of my projects and photo shoots.

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I’m sure you know how it goes. Work, travel, personal appointments, kid activities, rain delays. Sometimes, there’s always something going on. So when Heather and Jeremy got married earlier this summer, we never got a chance to take engagement portraits of the two of them before their wedding.

As luck would have it, we finally found a time this fall that worked for everyone. Not only did it allow us to capture a different season, but we had the most gorgeous unseasonably warm fall day to wander around Red Rock Park in Leesburg. Good thing we got together when we did because you all know how cold it is now!

So enjoy some of the highlights from Heather and Jeremy’s portrait session!


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The short story is they met at work.

The longer story is that Tony was coming back to work after some time off and wasn’t really looking forward to the day-long meeting of sitting in a conference room all day. He was dreading going back to be honest. But then as people starting arriving, he saw her. Cute. New. And carrying armfuls of coffee. Dewi caught Tony’s eye from the very time she entered the conference room and he made a point of talking to her during lunch. After the meeting was over, neither one of them were planning to go to the group dinner but knew they would if the other one went too.

They went to dinner and talked all night. In fact, they closed the restaurant down they were chatting so long. Tony had to leave pretty soon after that on a business trip, but when he returned he knew that dreaded first day back in the office was anything but thanks to his meeting Dewi. He made sure to reach back out to her, and the rest they say is history!

I met up with Dewi and Tony for their engagement photos at Ida Lee Park the other day. After a rain out on our first attempt, we battled gusty winds this second try. But a little patience (and a few outtakes) gave us a great session that captured this time in their lives together. So enjoy some of the highlights from our afternoon!


Friends and family can see the whole collection by visiting and entering your password.

Thanks for visiting the blog today! Let me know you were here by leaving a comment below telling me what your favorite image was from Dewi and Tony’s engagement portraits!

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  • Johanna - The barn/fance and the trees! Is that barn at the park??