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Happy Thursday, friends! I’m excited to bring you another dose of fun and inspiration with my newest installment of Need Feed Heed!

Need Feed Heed October 2014 v2

Need: It’s sweater season, and I’m loving the Fair Isle pattern with the plum accent color. From Target of all places!

Feed: Instead of recommending a recipe I’ve tried recently, can I instead ask if I’m the only one who will be happy when all this pumpkin stuff is gone? Am I the only one who hates anything pumpkin flavored?

Heed: But I do love October as a whole. The changing leaves, the start of boots and sweater weather, and Halloween!

Leave a comment with some of your recent Need Feed Heed discoveries. I’ll try them out myself, and maybe I’ll feature them in a future post too!

I don’t know why it struck me during Ashley and Mark’s engagement portraits at Morven Park, but I realized the relationships are a series of promises that two people make to each other. I mean, I knew this deep down but I really started thinking about it after I spent the evening with these two.

When you’re dating for a while, you make a promise (spoken or unspoken) that you’re not going to date anyone else. When you get engaged, you promise to commit yourself to getting married in the future. Then on the wedding date itself, you make the biggest promises. To have and to hold, to love one another through thick and thin, pledging yourself to always be by the side of your new spouse. It’s beautiful really. But the big promised will never get made if the smaller ones aren’t fulfilled right from the start back when you’re just dating.

Those smaller promises must have worked out pretty darn well for Ashley and Mark because come May 2015 they’ll be making the biggest one of all! In the meantime, enjoy some of the highlights from their engagement session (where I promised them that I’d make it an enjoyable experience. I hope I delivered on it!)


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You may have noticed that things have looked a little different around here over the past week or so.

Call it inspiration or call it craziness, I decided to revamp my branding and completely change things up during my busiest time of the year. Any other photographers know exactly how busy this season can be, so my sanity may be in question right now. But when I get an idea in my head, I want to run with it and pour everything I have into it until I see it complete.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked my old website and everything that I stood for. I just feel that this new version is a little better. I wanted something to feel at once a little classic and a little modern. I wanted a more refined way of showing timeless and elegant, and the full screen image background was an element I have been wanting to implement for a while now. As for the time, there is some method to the madness. Yes, this is the time when I have the most weddings and engagement sessions on the calendar, but it’s also the start of the time when I get the most inquiries for next year’s weddings. I wanted to have this refresh as soon as I could so that changes wouldn’t be coming midway into booking season.

So take a look around. Aside from a more classic logo to greet you, I’ve compacted the number of pages on the site and made a simpler menu to navigate. While I still do the occasional family portrait, I’ve removed most of that information and have a site that now completely specializes in engagement, wedding, and anniversary photography.

There are a few little tweaks here and there to tidy up, but I’m really happy with how things have come together. I hope you do to!