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So the other weekend I got into my head that I wanted to switch up some of the decorations in the house. You know, take down what’s usually sitting around and bring in some of the season. Not Christmas, but Fall. Boy, was that a challenge! Clearing by deciding this in early November I was WAY behind on becoming festive because literally every craft store I went into had moved beyond halloween, even beyond fall and Thanksgiving. It was all Christmas, all the time, everywhere. If I found anything, it was relegated to being ugly and on clearance.

So I had to get creative and decide to create something myself. I looked to any creative person’s go-to source, Pinterest. With ideas in hand, I had to find the materials. Again, still a challenge when I had Santa and trees and jingle bells following me everywhere.

I’m happy to say though I pulled off a few new projects that are proudly on display around the house. Just in time for the invasion of the 16 of us we’ll be hosting come Thanksgiving!


I posted a few Instagram shots as I was making these, so be sure to follow me there at @kellyewell for the sneak peeks of my projects and photo shoots.

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I’m sure you know how it goes. Work, travel, personal appointments, kid activities, rain delays. Sometimes, there’s always something going on. So when Heather and Jeremy got married earlier this summer, we never got a chance to take engagement portraits of the two of them before their wedding.

As luck would have it, we finally found a time this fall that worked for everyone. Not only did it allow us to capture a different season, but we had the most gorgeous unseasonably warm fall day to wander around Red Rock Park in Leesburg. Good thing we got together when we did because you all know how cold it is now!

So enjoy some of the highlights from Heather and Jeremy’s portrait session!


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The short story is they met at work.

The longer story is that Tony was coming back to work after some time off and wasn’t really looking forward to the day-long meeting of sitting in a conference room all day. He was dreading going back to be honest. But then as people starting arriving, he saw her. Cute. New. And carrying armfuls of coffee. Dewi caught Tony’s eye from the very time she entered the conference room and he made a point of talking to her during lunch. After the meeting was over, neither one of them were planning to go to the group dinner but knew they would if the other one went too.

They went to dinner and talked all night. In fact, they closed the restaurant down they were chatting so long. Tony had to leave pretty soon after that on a business trip, but when he returned he knew that dreaded first day back in the office was anything but thanks to his meeting Dewi. He made sure to reach back out to her, and the rest they say is history!

I met up with Dewi and Tony for their engagement photos at Ida Lee Park the other day. After a rain out on our first attempt, we battled gusty winds this second try. But a little patience (and a few outtakes) gave us a great session that captured this time in their lives together. So enjoy some of the highlights from our afternoon!


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  • Johanna - The barn/fance and the trees! Is that barn at the park??

One of the things I love is seeing the excitement of brides and grooms as they’re getting ready before their ceremony. Especially if they choose not to see each other beforehand, then the anticipation grows with every minute. I pften have the special opportunity to get to see them both, and I’m sometimes asked to pass along messages or gifts when I stop in to wherever they are getting ready. Sometimes I’ll bring updates of what’s going on in the other rooms.

Tracey and David were no different. They were both SO excited and so happy to be getting married, and the wide smiles they wore all morning let everyone know just how happy they were. From walking down the aisle, to celebrating with the wedding party, to laughing through toasts and dances at the reception, their smiles never faded.

It was a great occasion to be a part of with really thoughtful and handmade details that made the day so much more personal. I’m excited to share some of the highlights from Tracey and David’s wedding at Riverside on the Potomac. Be sure to take a look at a few of Tracey’s bridal portraits. So elegant and timeless and simply stunning! Some of my favorite ever!


Ceremony: St. Theresa Catholic Church
Reception: Riverside on the Potomac
Wedding Coordinator: Roberts and Co.
Caterer: Spilled Milk
Donuts: Mama’s Donut Bites
Flowers: B Floral
DJ: Bruce Pike
Dress: Kathleen’s Bridal
Hair and Make Up Artist: SAS Studio
Photographer: Kelly Ewell Photography

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At a friend’s encouragement, Cathy signed up for online dating. She did so willingly, but she was more than reluctant when it came to actually going on dates with the people she connected with. In fact after setting up a first date with Chris, Cathy actually cancelled on him before it ever happened. But she and Chris kept in touch, and he was both patient and persistent to want to reschedule.

When their second first date finally came around, Cathy got ready with her sister who gave her a pep talk and told her there was no reward without a risk. That there would be no harm in just going for drinks that they had planned at Maggiano’s and then call it a night. She and Chris hit it off though and ended up going for dinner and then more drinks afterwards. What was a nerve-wracking first date evolved into a big “win” for both of them, and now they’re planning their wedding for August at Belmont Country Club.

We met up at Great Falls Park recently for their engagement photos after their friend (and previous client of mine) Julia recommended they book me for their wedding too. Even late in the afternoon there were still plenty of people around the park, so it took a bit of creative framing and finding locations off the beaten path. Patience and creativity always win out, so enjoy a few highlights from our afternoon together!


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