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It can be difficult to select the right photographer to document your wedding day with so many options and styles to consider. Especially considering that you’re really buying a service where you won’t see the results until after your wedding is complete. For some, I realize this can be very stressful.

So why not take a test drive with Kelly Ewell Photography with a complimentary mini engagement portrait session. It’s a no-risk way for you to see how I work directly with you in mind. Get to know me, how we can work together, and get a feel for how your wedding day will be. Plus we’ll have created some amazing images from this time in your lives together. If it works out for me to be your wedding photographer, great! And you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you made the most informed decision possible.

I’m sure you’re thinking there’s a catch. And really, there isn’t. I want my clients to be assured in their choice of a wedding photographer. I want them to know that I have their best interests in mind and that they can trust me with this important task of documenting their wedding day. In case you’re looking for the fine print, here are a few more details about my offer.

  • The complimentary engagement session is a 30-minute mini-session. You can upgrade to a full 60-standard session if you’d like instead.
  • There is no charge for the session, image editing, or online viewing gallery. Your complimentary session comes with (1) free 8×10 photo print of your choice. If you end up selecting Kelly Ewell Photography as your wedding photographer, I’ll instead gift you all the final digital image files complete with personal usage rights to make your own prints, share with friends and family, use on save-the-date cards, post to social media, etc.
  • Photographs taken are copyrights by Kelly Ewell Photography. You will be provided with a release form that allows you to make prints or use images online, but the images will remain under copyright. In part, this means that you cannot resell the images for commercial use or profit.
  • Photographs taken by Kelly Ewell Photography may be used as part of a portfolio, online photo gallery, and other marketing efforts as deemed appropriate.
  • If you decide, for whatever reason, to choose another photographer for your wedding, I will be sorry we will not have worked together, but I will respect whatever decision you make knowing that the choice of a photographer is a personal decision. You may keep your 8×10 print and know other prints and digital images from your engagement session are available for purchase at any time.



An engagement session is just the start of your wedding photography experience
and I can’t wait to share it with you!



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