Shooting a Long Veil in the Wind Tips for Photographers on How I Took It

Have you ever admired how other photographers seem to get that perfect “veil in the wind” shot all the time? Or wondering how to create it when your bride has a long veil to use but there is no wind? Today’s post is short and sweet, but I’m telling the secret to getting it right every time. And it has nothing to do with weather!

Teal and Gray Summer Wedding at Belmont Country Club in Ashburn VA | Kelly Ewell Photography

Let’s use this shot of Cathy and Chris’s wedding at Belmont Country Club. We had just about finished up with their bride and groom portraits, but I knew that she had this great long veil that I wanted to use for something a little fun. Was there any wind? No, not at all! The secret is to have an assistant right out of sight from the camera. Whether it’s a second photographer or even a bridesmaid, you’ll need another person to stand behind the bride, take a wide hold of the veil as it’s gently extended out, toss it high in the air, and then run out of the photo really quick while the photographer starts clicking away. Although I take several photos at once here, it’s usually one of the first few that are best because the veil is still high in the air and not coming too close back down to the ground.

So like I said, a short and sweet post today but I hope this tip helps you take great veil shots next time you have the chance!

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Tips for Photographers: How to Shoot a Long Wedding Veil in the Wind | Kelly Ewell Photography

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