I love it when a couple has a great sense of humor. They don’t take things or themselves too seriously, and live to the fullest. Barri and Mike are definitely one of those couples. Just wait until you see their cake! It’s definitely one of the best toppers I’ve seen. It had me laughing and it’s certainly unlike anything I’ve seen before. But it’s fun and funny and a great reflection on these two.

But before we got to the cake, they were leading the way on the dance floor. Making jokes during the ceremony that had everyone laughing. And wiping away tears as some of their dearest friends and family made it clear just how much Barri and Mike mean to them. It was one of the more heartfelt and lighthearted weddings I’ve been to. Plus they were the first to set up al fresco dining on the Birkby House’s patio. With an August wedding date, they got incredibly lucky to have one of the most beautiful mid-70s afternoons to enjoy it all.

So enjoy some of the highlights from Barri and Mike’s Birkby House wedding!

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