There were two things Jenna told me she wanted to have for her wedding day at Belmont Country Club. One, she didn’t want it to rain. And two, she didn’t want either her or Jimmy to be too hot. Well on a slightly overcast day in October, Jenna got her wish. She also got to marry a great guy in Jimmy too!

Before they said their I Do’s surrounded by about 180 of the friends and family, Jenna made sure a special gift was delivered to Jimmy. A pretty sweet watch and a notebook where the first few pages were filled with personal thoughts and wishes before they met at the end of the aisle. Jimmy wouldn’t read out loud what Jenna wrote, but he had a smile on his face the whole time he was reading!

Back during their engagement, they mentioned that it was too bad they didn’t start dating sooner than they did because they were so happy together. Well now that Jenna and Jimmy have tied the knot, I hope they have a lifetime of happy years to make up for that lost time.

Enjoy some of the highlights from their preppy navy and pink wedding day!

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