There were definitely no nerves. At least none that I could see. Instead it was all excited smiles, big laughs, and jokes among friends. Neither Jenn nor Neil could contain just how excited they were to be marrying each other. And no errant eyelashes or missing flower pins were going to change that!

In fact Jenn and Neil wore those big smiles and their hearts on their sleeves all day long. Theirs was a celebration from sun up to well past sun down. And it was so much fun, for me included! You just can’t help it when you’re around these two. I’m actually a little bummed that their wedding day has now happened. And I’m definitely jealous of their South African honeymoon!

So while I could gush on about just how great and fun this couple is, I hope you can experience it yourself with some highlights from their wedding day at River Creek Country Club in Leesburg, VA. Enjoy!

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