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When all my friends were getting married, it was a sure thing that I would cry at a wedding. Then as I started photographing more of them, I got into “work mode” and could remain stoic and focused on shooting with the best of them. Something about Lindsey and Andrew’s wedding had me a weepy mess though. And it wasn’t just once! It seemed the waterworks were flowing throughout the day.

It was just such a sweet and romantic and happy and heartfelt kind of day. All of it. But the part that got me the most was Lindsey’s dad’s speech during the reception. He told the story of how Lindsey wanted to date and he decided the time was ok, but he said to her that he wanted to be the one to take her out on her first date. When date night came, he walked around the the front door, rang the bell, greeted her mom, came inside to talk to Lindsey and her mom for a few minutes, let her mom know where they were going and what time they’d be home. Then he walked her out to the car, opened the door, pulled out her chair at the restaurant, chatted with her throughout dinner, picked up the check, opened the restaurant and car doors again for her, and drove her home on time. At the end of the date he told her how much fun he’d had and that she was ready to go on her own dates. But that if any guy didn’t treat her as well as he did tonight, then she shouldn’t give him the time of day because he wasn’t good enough for me. OMG. Where are the tissues! That was about the sweetest thing I ever heard! I love that so much!

So while you wipe the tears from your eyes, enjoy some highlights from Lindsey and Andrew’s wedding day! It was a honor to be part of it all, and I wish you both eternal years of happiness!

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